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Start Growing a Massively Successful Business in as Little as 7 Minutes a Day!

ElevatedMind™ helps you create bigger results in your business working from the inside out.  Start with a FREE chapter of the best-selling book, The 7-Minute Shift.  Complete the form below.

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They don't tell you that your state of mind dictates what will materialize in the way of clients, sales, money, effort, and time. 


Most just point you in the direction of another business or marketing strategy.


The work that we do at ElevatedMind™ starts at the root of all results: the vibrational level or level of thought and emotion.  


Michelle Sera, Founder & Head Coach works with you to identify what is between you and your goal (what's in the middle), and helps you gain the skills to move past any internal struggle, so it no longer creates a struggling business.   

"You're here. But you want to go --> there (happy & successful). You can see where you want to go, but can't seem to get there. That's because there's something in the middle that we need to work through."

By following the framework of Thought - Emotion - Behavior - Result, you learn a whole new way of being, achieving, and becoming the highly successful coach or entrepreneur you want to be.

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Be Mentored, Supported, and Inspired to Grow a Massively Successful Business.

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Business & Mindset

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Vibrational Level Work

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Effortless Business Action

What's Included

And reaching your business goals no longer feels so hard.

Download The 7-Minute Shift PDF Guide and Audio Now

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  • Stuck in a 'struggling to succeed' cycle

  • Doing a lot of busy work, but nothing that's actually getting more clients and income

  • Looking at your bank account balance to determine your level of success

  • Chasing one idea after another 

  • Not enough clients and income

  • Avoiding what you know you need to do

  • Feeling like an imposter

  • Always getting ready to get ready 

  • Feeling stuck

  • Struggling to get yourself out there

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At ElevatedMind, Our Goal is to Help You Achieve Your Business Goals and Beyond.
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How does it work?

Founder of ElevatedMind™, Michelle Sera

Certified Freedom Formula Facilitator
Certified Happiness Coach
Certified in Business Growth Marketing Strategies
Author of the Best-Seller, The 7-Minute Shift

What I Discovered...

I started ElevatedMind™ after 5 years of coaching people through marketing programs that ranged from $2K to $100K. During those 5 years, I found that it didn't matter who you were, how much you spent, or how badly you needed to "succeed".  If you couldn't see what was between you and your success, you'd stay stuck in the middle. 

It was the intersection of these realizations and the money, land, businesses, and amazing opportunities I had been manifesting for myself that I realized most people get stuck at the vibrational level (thougth and emotion) when building a business Or they unknowingly work from a vibrational level that is stuck.  

So I sought out knowledge, mentors and training to help on the level of thought, vibration, happiness, state of mind, and aligned action.  The results of this has been life-changing.

When you elevate your mind, the rest follows.  It's that simple. We are capable of so much and a massively successful business is just a small part of it.


Welcome to ElevatedMind™ with Michelle Sera.

About Michelle Sera

I’m still in awe about the total shift I had after only one session with Michelle Sera. The way she guided me into clearly seeing how one limiting belief was holding me back was magical. Since my session I have felt lighter and more driven in manifesting what I know I want and deserve. I look forward to my next session and can only imagine how much more I will up level in my life, relationships, and career.   J. Cox

Shifting results in your business is easy when you follow the framework: Thought - Emotion - Behavior - Result. 
Maybe you've been taking all kinds of action and still don't have the results you want in your business.  If this is the case, I can assure you the issue lies at the vibrational level.  There's something in your thoughts and emotions holding you back from becoming a highly successful coach or entrepreneur.  That's where we start. 
Michelle Sera

The Book: The 7-Minute Shift

Find it on Amazon and all major book retailors.

Happy & Successful 

Is a monthly coaching membership that includes vibrational & happiness level work plus
marketing support.  

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